Monday, November 14, 2016

The worst thing about dialysis in Berlin is other dialysis patients

In the last five years, I have now dialyzed all over western Europe, Japan, and the US (just two weeks or so there).  One striking difference between dialyzing in Berlin vs any other city I have been to is the sheer obnoxiousness of dialysis patients. They will either turn their TV headphones to full blast and put them on the table so they don't have to put them over their heads, or talk loudly to each other even when other patients are sleeping, talk loudly on the phone, or all of the above at the same time.  I have seen doctors sometimes try to get patients to be more considerate, but in one particular case I saw, the patient told the doctor that there is nothing the doctor could do to stop the patient from talking loudly.  In my dialysis center, one guy actually brings his guitar and walks around all over the dialysis center loudly singing and strumming his guitar. What's so special about Berliners? Why are they such assholes?

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